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How to Guides

This area contains various how to guides. The purpose of these guides is to explain in a step by step manner how to accomplish various tasks, covering both in-game and out of game tasks. Some of these tasks are invariably more complicated then others, but all of the guides attempt to make whatever they're explaining easier to understand and accomplish. These guides are provided by 69th members for their fellow comrades with the hope of helping them increase their knowledge, skills, and performance.

How to Adjust the Various Ventrilo Volumes - By Coldwind

This guide explains how to adjust the various volume options of Ventrilo. It is possible both to adjust how loud you sound, how loud a specific individual sounds, and how loud your ventrilo sounds in general. All three of these are important features that make communicating over ventrilo much easier. For instance, if a squad member is coming over ventrilo too loudly and repeatedly ignores your pleas to lower their own volume, this guide will explain how you can adjust how they sound from your end. Another situation arises quite often where a squad member is driving a tank, opel or other vehicle and says they cannot hear you over the engine. This guide clearly explains how they can adjust their ventrilo and game sounds so that engine noise is not a problem. Communication is the key to victory, and we need to get past not being able to communicate merely because someone is in a vehicle. I believe the second scenario is more prevalent and that it is essential everyone with that 'engine noise problem' read this guide.

Changing Your Ventrilo Channel With a Hotkey - By Coldwind

This guide explains how to use the key bindings feature of ventrilo to set a hotkey for channel switching. After completing the changes outlined in this guide, any ventrilo user will be able to use one hotkey while in-game to change what channel they are in. This is particularly helpful during squad nights when squad members are broken up into different teams and need to switch channels quickly without exiting the game.

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