75th Guards

75th Guards Command Roster


Coldwind - C.O.
Nero316 - X.O.
Jaws909 - X.X.O.
Rook12 - 2nd X.X.O.

The 75th uses a hierarchical command structure. The squad expects its members to follow the directions of their superior officers. When a higher ranking officer logs on, command is passed, except when the superior officer explicitly states that they do not wish to command. When an officer logs off, he/she will pass command to the next highest ranking officer. If the logging officer forgets, members can refer to this page to determine who the ranking officer is.

Some members enjoy command, while others find the stress and responsibility required enjoyable. There is absolutely no requirement to command. If you are uncomfortable commanding, you will not be put in that position. If however you would like to command, please contact either coldwind or nero316 and make your desires known. Your command ability will then be evaluated and a determination made.

Keep in mind, that while command can be stressful, it can also be a very rewarding experience, and the squad leadership strongly encourages anyone who would like to try to get involved.

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