75th Guards

Rules and Guidelines


All members who wish to be a recruiter will be granted 'recruiter status'. Being a recruiter allows you to recruit new members into the squad. Recruiters are required to turn their recruitment flags on, and leave them on. Having your recruitment flag on will increase the squad's chance of getting 'auto-recruits' from CRS's new auto recruitment system. Once you recruit a member, you are also required to tell the recruit about ventrilo and the website. Recruiters are not authorized to promote new recruits to full membership. The CO and the XO are the only members authorized to grant full membership.



New recruits must meet two requirements before full membership will be granted. New recruits must register at the message board and utilize ventrilo. Once both of these requirements have been met, full membership will be granted.



Members who are online during squad night are required to work with the squad. This requirement is only for squad nights. During any other night of the week, members are free to conduct themselves as they see fit, though coordination with the squad is still highly encouraged.

Members are expected to follow the orders of the squad officer in charge (OIC).

If an issue arising that upsets or unsettles a member, they are free (and encouraged) to contact any of the squad officers who will work to resolve the issue.

Even with all of the rules and guidelines, our goal is to have fun. If you feel you are know longer enjoying the game, please consult with any of the squad officers. We want to enjoy the game and we want all of our members to enjoy it too!



Ventrilo is required for squad membership.



Registration at the message board is required for squad membership.


- Coldwind ( jmiller2@tulane.edu )
C.O. 75th Guards

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