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Welcome soldiers to the home of the 75th Guards!. The intention of the squad officers is to create a squad based on communication, cooperation, and coordination. Teamwork is one of the cornerstones of the 75th. If you play with us, you'll experience more organization than is present in most squads. If you join us, you'll be expected to participate, both in creating the benefits of teamwork and enjoying them.

As a new recruit, you must meet two crucial requirements to become a full squad member.

First, all new recruits must join the 75th's forum. The forum can be accessed through the navigation menu to the left or through the forum link at the top of the page. Our forum is one of our key communication tools. On the forum, you will find information on a wide range of topics, from our squad tactics and strategies, to experience and advice from long time players. The forum is also used for announcements and of course the occassional busting of balls.

Second, is the use of Teamspeak. Teamspeak is our in-game communication tool. Teamspeak requires a microphone to transmit. For ideal performance, a headset is the best solution, as it will cut down on distortion and increase the squad's ability to understand each other. Teamspeak can be downloaded for free at http://www.teamspeak.com . The teamspeak specifics, such as the server password and address are located in the training area of our forum. Alternatively, you can ask on the in-game chat. Once these two requirements have been met, full membership will be granted.

- Coldwind ( jmiller2@tulane.edu )
C.O. 75th Guards

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