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01/12/08 Foucarmont assault OIC Coldwind

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2008 7:23 pm    Post subject: 01/12/08 Foucarmont assault OIC Coldwind Reply with quote

If you logged in and saw the map on January 12, 2008, you would have assumed there was no action. You would have assumed that the Allies were done, and that no good fights were to be had. Well, if you were in as a 75th Guard, you knew better.

Participants to the evening of 01/12/08: Coldwind, Nero316, Eurogeek, Kew, Dalzielx, Moffit35, Jaws909, Gaven, PvtMaloo, and Rook12.

As the 75th logged on for our regular squad night, Kew suggested that we could help defend Londinieres. Kew’s suggestion was approved, and the 75th moved in to Londinieres. When we spawned into Londinieres, it was under both heavy tank and infantry EWS. A defensive perimeter was quickly set up around the potential Axis spawnable. The Axis did not put up much of a fight, so we soon began pushing our perimeter outward toward their FB.

Nero316 soon set up an MS to take down the Axis FB. The 75th joined in on Nero316 as sappers and the enemy FB was quickly blown. Having thrown the Axis assaulters out of Londinieres, the 75th decided to go on the offensive. Having taken down the Londinieres – Foucarmont FB, the 75th advanced upon Foucarmont. Foucarmont was defended by two enemy brigades, but the 75th assault was unrelenting.

Kew, Moffit35, Dalzielx, and Coldwind all took out MSs. Dalzielx found the best placement north of town. With the MS set up, Nero316 led the brave waves of the 75th into town. Within minutes, half of the town had fallen. At that point, the Axis began to wake up and defend their town.

Multiple Axis units began spawning in to defend the town. The fighting became intense, with the town loosing contestation several times. Even so, the 75th forged on. Gaven and Eurogeek worked the eastern side of town expertly, keeping CPs Allied, and thus keeping the AB radio hot. Jaws909 and Moffit35 doggedly tried to enter the AB bunker several times, slaying many of the Axis infantrymen who tried to stop them.

The battle for the spawnable was vicious. Intense firefights happened inside the CP continuously for a half hour, with members of the 75th getting in, killing defenders, but never quite being able to hold it long enough to cap the table. Being the well oiled war machine that it is, the 75th quickly adapted to the tactical situation. Nero316 and PvtMaloo were pulled from the CP attack so that they could bring in armor to help surround and suppress the CP. Nero316 and PvtMaloo soon arrived on scene with their tanks and dealt out such destruction that the Axis must have thought fireballs from hell itself were being hurled at them. PvtMaloo scored an amazing 55 kills. FIFTY-FIVE kills (the new squad record, displacing Nero316’s old record of 29), sweet Jesus! Nero316 himself scored another 19 kills.

With our friendly tanks surrounding the spawnable, Coldwind ordered that the MS position be changed from the north to directly west of the CP. Soon thereafter another MS was set up within 300 meters of the spawnable CP. The 75th then flooded out of the newly positioned MS and hurled themselves at the spawnable CP. The 75th’s sheer grit and determination paid off, and the spawnable CP was soon capped.

Kew quickly posted a mission in the spawnable CP. With the spawnable CP capped, a detachment of the 75th moved in to set up a defensive position around it. Dalzielx, Kew, and Moffit35 stood guard over the spawnable, while all other 75th were ordered to swarm the town. Coldwind then moved up his MS to within 200 meters of town. Once deployed, Coldwind was able to get a total of six .allieds, resulting in a massive amount of reinforcements spawning in.

At this point, the Axis were beginning to fear for their lives. One of the two brigades in town was pulled back. Sensing the Axis apprehension, Nero316 led his tank contingent into the AB. Nero316 and PvtMaloo mercilessly slaughtered the Axis in their own AB. Once Nero316 felt the AB was well locked down he informed us of the situation and the rest of the squad was ordered to assault the AB bunker (Dalzielx valiantly remained alone to guard the spawnable CP). Allied units, led by the 75th Guards swarmed the Axis AB like lions to the hunt. The frightened Axis defenders were quickly overwhelmed and the AB bunker was capped, resulting in the Axis brigade being kicked back to its training ground.

After the AB was capped, the remaining CPs were quickly surrounded and taken. As rejoicing broke out among the victorious Allies, PvtMaloo told of his 55 kill sortie. The nearby friendlies could hardly believe it. One friendly couldn’t help but ask PvtMaloo which squad he was affiliated with. With a grin, PvtMaloo simply replied, “75th!”

The squad then ended the evening by busting the Foucarmont – Llomer FB. It was of course defended, but the defenders didn’t stand a chance against the 75th while it was on its victory high. The FB was quickly blown and the 75th called an end to its evening of glory.

I cannot tell you all how many HCs pm’d me with comments of “well done” and “holly crap how did you guys pull that off” because I simply lost track of them all. Basically all the HCs online were blown away by the taking of the town. When everyone had assumed that there would be no more fights in which the Axis lost ground, you showed them otherwise! The 75th Guards showed them otherwise! I have never been more proud of an assault the 75th Guards have led.

Damn fine job gentleman, damn fine job!

As always, I highly encourage anyone who wants to add their own comments and or observations from the attack.
75th Guards
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2008 11:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

it was a long and bloody battle. Victory was sweet.

to bad the allies lost the rest of the main land by sat Smile

intermission here we come, cant wait for 1.28.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 14, 2008 7:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

You forgot my sneaking into a bunker 5m away from the infantry spawn and 15m away from the vehicle spawn during the FB bust Sad.
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