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12/23/07 Noyon assault OIC Coldwind

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 28, 2007 1:21 pm    Post subject: 12/23/07 Noyon assault OIC Coldwind Reply with quote

On the night of December 23rd, there was not a lot happening across the front. There were of course several small engagements going on in various towns, but nothing with double EWS. The 75th was lightly numbered itself that evening, with only a few guys online. Even so, the 75th who were online decided if there were no good fights occurring, then they would create one.

While examining the map, Coldwind noticed that the Axis southern flank to the south in Noyon was only covered by two naval brigades. With that observation, Noyon quickly became the 75th’s target.

The Ham – Noyon FB was quickly destroyed, giving the 75th an FB to attack from. Nero316 volunteered to bring out the first laffly, and so the attack began. Once Nero deployed his MS, the 75th spawned in and began working their way into town. Several 232s and Pzr2Cs were patrolling the area round the spawnable, but members of the 75th managed to sneak past them, get to the CP, and cap the spawnable.

Once the spawnable had been capped, Axis soldiers began pouring out of the northern AB. Nero, Jaws909, and Kew defended the spawnable valiantly, but they were overwhelmed by simple Axis numbers. At the same time, Dal brought out a second MS, which he deployed to the west of town. Additionally, Coldwind managed to slip through the fighting in the north of town and began capping the rest of town to ensure that the Docks radio would become hot. Seven CPs in total fell during Coldwind’s capping spree.

As our spawnable went down, Dal’s new MS went up. The 75th again worked their way into town, but this time from the west. Several members of the 75th infiltrated the town and began capping CPs. The spawnable was also retaken.

With the northern spawnable taken, Jaws909 and Nero316 dug in to guard it. Jaws909 watched with his rifle, while Nero316 drove a Sherman down from the FB to provide cover. Countless Axis died trying to retake the spawnable, but it did not fall. Jaws did an exemplary job of guarding the tables. He was killed several times, but always managed to return to the CP in time to kill the capper. Well done! Nero also mowed down the Axis attackers without mercy, including one very slow pirate who kept pulling atgs and aaa guns out toward the spawnable. We were all delighted to hear about Nero’s numerous “skull and cross-bone” kills. Very nice job.

Dalzielx did an excellent job of keeping the CPs capped and the Dock radio hot. The Axis were constantly recapping CPs, but as soon as they recapped a CP, Dal set out to take it back for the Allies. Through his efforts and determination, Dal capped eight CPs, keeping the town hot as ever for our Axis foes.

The southern AB was next capped. With the loss of one of their Abs, the Axis reinforcements began to multiply. Several Axis units rushed to save Noyon in the hopes of maintaining their southern line. Realizing that the numbers were quickly becoming imbalanced, Coldwind got in contact with several AHC and squad COs, requesting reinforcements. Thankfully, the 75th’s Allied brethren heeded the call and came rushing to help. With additional Allied reinforcements, the fight was again a toss up.

Kew and Nero316 both made their way to the Docks south of town. As they approached they came under fire from FMBs guarding the Docks from the river. This did not deter them however, and they both made valiant charges to get to the Dock radio. Both men were cut down by the FMBs, but a third Allied player was able to get in during the rush and cap the docks, kicking both Axis naval brigades!

With the docks capped, the 75th thought that only a mop of job remained. The northern AB and two of the center CPs in town needed to be capped, so they set to doing so. The northern AB was well guarded. Several Axis infantry had entered the bunker and did not want to loose their last defensive position. Two minutes into the fight to take the northern AB, an opel was spotted south of town heading for the docks. Within a minute, the docks had been retaken by Axis forces. Immediately thereafter, a third Axis naval brigade was moved into town.

The battle over the northern AB greatly intensified as new Axis infantry began to pour out of the AB barracks. The south AB was next recapped by the Axis. With the tide beginning to turn, the 75th regrouped and hit their foes hard and fast. Coldwind guarded the eastern CP to keep the Axis from using it as a spawnable in case their naval brigade was pulled or kicked. The rest of the 75th assaulted the Axis viciously. After several tough pushes, the northern AB was capped. The 75th, along with their Allied comrades next swarmed the south of town. The docks were again capped, kicking the third Axis naval brigade! Soon thereafter the southern AB fell to the Allied onslaught.

Noyon was now Allied territory.

Gentlemen, through you effort and determination, three Axis naval brigades were booted to their training ground.

Amazing job guys, simply amazing!
75th Guards
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