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11/30/07 Philipville - Givet FB OIC Coldwind

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2007 2:14 pm    Post subject: 11/30/07 Philipville - Givet FB OIC Coldwind Reply with quote

As the 75th began to group up on November 30th, we found ourselves at the Philipville - Givet FB. All was quiet, so the 75th sent out an MS to begin attacking town. Meatus and Coldwind both brought out trucks with Meatus heading north of the enemy town and Coldwind heading south. As the 75th began setting off the EWS for Givet, a true hornets nest developed.

As the 75th approached town, several opels, tanks, and towed ATGs were spotted on the road leaving town and heading for our FB. At that time, the 75th was repositioned to defend the FB from the oncoming attack.

A perimeter was quickly established. In setting up the defense, the officers of the 75th must give praise to the squad's new members. Meatus, danweed, moffit35, poton, and rook12 all did an excellent job in following directions and working as a team. Kudos must also be given to Eeurogeek for finding a perfect observation spot on a hill east of the FB. With Eurogeek's observations, the 75th was able to spot every opel and tank leaving town.

The enemy set up multiple UMS's and attacked from several directions. Kew, Poton, and Rook12 did an excellent job of defending the FB from the north. They scored several infantry and UMS kills.

Eurogeek, Meatus, Moffit35, and Danweed did a stellar job stopping the Axis forces from getting to our FB from the east.

Most notable, Dalzielx held the southern flank for a solid half an hour all alone. During that time, Dalzielx spotted a hauler, enemy infantry, and a towed 88. In a showing of pure skill Dalzielx killed both the hauler and the 88 that were attempting to flank us to our south. Dalzielx then killed several more enemy infantry that approached from the south. Very well done Dalzielx!

After several ours holding back the Axis horde, they slowly began to close the noose around our position. Three Axis tanks along with a 232 managed to get into firing positions on the FB. Even then, under a hail of MG fire from the tanks, the 75th held the infantry tents. Many sappers died to rifle, smg, and lmg fire from 75th shooting from the tents. Way to hold the line 75th!

As the situation became more dire, the 75th decided to set up for an FB flip back. With some members of the 75th remaining behind to valiantly oppose the surrounding Axis forces, Eurogeek, Coldwind, Moffit35, Kew, and Dalzielx left from Philipville to set up the flip back. While en route, the Axis managed to get two charges on our FB. Undeterred, Kew put the pedal to the metal and droves us headlong into their FB.

Once the Axis finally blew the Allied FB, it was blown right back ( LOL ). Amazing job 75th. Soon thereafter the Axis lost the stomach to fight us at that FB. You gave the Axis some real ulcers that night, including those "pirates" who hid in town the whole time !
75th Guards
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