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06/06/08 La Fere - Laon FB OIC Coldwind

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 07, 2008 5:56 pm    Post subject: 06/06/08 La Fere - Laon FB OIC Coldwind Reply with quote

Operations started somewhat late for the 75th on June 6, 2008. Nevertheless, the squad pulled together around 9pm and sought out to cause grief to the Allies. The 75th moved from fight to fight, but there were not any large engagements occurring. The Guards started out assisting in the Kalmthout area. Rook12 did a nice job of gathering the guys together during the attack and orchestrated several strong pushes. Ultimately the town was not taken, but teamwork and coordination were high resulting in many enemy kills.

La Fere – Laon FB

The squad was then relocated to the La Fere – Laon area. The Allies had massed their forces for a push against Laon. With double double EWS, Laon was in trouble. If Laon were allowed to fall, the southern flank of the Axis line would have been wide open. Luckily for the Axis, the 75th were there to hold the line.

To end the attack on Laon, the enemy’s FB out of La Fere had to be hit. The 75th embraced the challenge with the determination and camaraderie that this veteran unit has become known for. The brigade in Laon was low on supply, specifically having zero sappers. Undeterred, the 75th spawned as paratroopers out of Berry-Au-Bac.

The enemy FB was heavily guarded, including eight + enemy anti-aircraft gun deployments. Being the courageous souls that they are, the 75th jumped, headless to the danger of the blazing guns below. Half of the squad died before hitting the ground, but such losses only encouraged the remaining paras to get their charges onto their targets. During the first wave, both the vehicle spawn and infantry tents sustained damaged.

Encouraged by their success, the squad reformed for a second jump, then a third, then a forth. Each jump resulted in heavy casualties, but each time at least one charge was placed, forcing the Allies to pull more and more soldiers from the attack to defend their FB. The enemy was slowly being ground down, one jump at a time. Special props must be mentioned on behalf of Dryk, who managed to get a charge on from each jump.

At this time, a friendly unit had managed to deploy an MS to the FB. The 75th switched over to the MS, which had received some sapper supply. The number of FB defenders had drastically increased, making it difficult to get to the tents. This is where Nero316 really shined. That sneaky bastard managed to get into the FB and blow the INF, while the rest of us were mercilessly mowed down. Awesome job Nero, you damn ninja!

With the intense attacks on the La Fere – Laon FB led by the 75th, the Allies were forced to pull their attacking forces out of Laon to protect their FB. As a result, the Axis defenders in Laon were able to recapture the spawnable and contested CPs, thus liberating the town.

Dedication was at an all time high on June 6, 2008. The members of the 75th made jump after jump to counter the Allied attack on Laon. The dedication the squad’s members showed moved the focus of the Allies away from town and towards their FB. Laon was saved and the Allies were denied the town. Well done gentlemen.
75th Guards
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