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03/28/08 Veghel assault (Joint 75th/54th Op) - OIC Coldwind

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 7:53 pm    Post subject: 03/28/08 Veghel assault (Joint 75th/54th Op) - OIC Coldwind Reply with quote

Veghel assault – Joint Operation 75th/54th

Forces Present from 75th:
Coldwind, Nero316, Jaws909, Eurogeek, Rook12, PvtMaloo, Dalzielx, Dryk, MikeDown, Alcxam, Gaven

Forces Present from 54th:
Gdawg, Gruntnut, Kidd27, Grey1, Hogan99, Lefaucon (forgive my memory if I forgot anyone)

On March 28, 2008, Veghel felt the combined wrath of the 75th Guards and the 54th LTD.

As the 75th assembled from the various positions around the map, it was decided that Veghel would be their target. Veghel became a tough nut to crack as several Axis units rushed to the defense of their town.

The 54th was invited to join in on the attack. As they began to assemble their forces, the 75th began their attack. Eurogeek brought out an MS from the Boxtel – Veghel FB, while at the same time, the rest of the 75th boarded a C47 out of S-Hertogenbosch to drop on Veghel.

After the forces of the 75th dropped onto Veghel, they quickly captured the Boxtel – Veghel spawnable depot. This stirred up quite a hornet’s nest and the Axis came at it hard. At this time, the 54th had merged channels with the 75th and formed up. The 54th quickly spawned into to assist in the defense of the captured west spawnable. The fighting around the spawnable intensified, with the Axis bringing out several 232s to assist in its recapture. At this time Jaws909 worked his way south east to the southern CP, which was also a spawnable connected to Eindhoven. Jaws909 successfully captured the depot, and then prepared for its defense.

With both of their spawnables down, the Axis flowed from out of their barracks like ants from a sand hill. Jaws made a valiant stand at the S CP, assisted by Eurogeek and Rook, but they were simply overwhelmed. Several Axis 232s and infantry units retook the south CP.

With the south CP lost, the combined forces of the two squads dug in at the west CP and endured a tremendous onslaught. The Axis set up several flak 28s to pound the depot while their infantry forces attempted to recapture the CP. The 232s from the south CP also reformed and surrounded the west CP. Soon thereafter, the CP was lost.

Having lost both spawnables, the 75th and 54th regrouped at S-Hertogenbosch to conduct another paradrop onto Veghel. The two spawnable CPs were divided amongst the squads, with the 54th assaulting the south CP, while the 75th assaulted the west CP. The fully loaded C47 took off to deliver its troopers. As the two squads floated down towards town, they were mercilessly torn apart by the dishonorable Axis’ fire Smile Only a handful of the 75th reached solid ground, and those that did touch soil died shortly thereafter. The 54th faired better, managing to get safely to the ground and inside the south CP several times. Unfortunately, the south CP was well guarded and the 54th was unable to make the cap.

Undeterred by their setbacks, the courageous members of both squads redeployed at the FB. Dalzielx brought out an MS, which he set up southwest of town from which several attackers sprang. In addition, members of the 54th were towed out in atgs to the south side of town to prevent those pesky 232s from preventing another capture.

The combined push from both squads saw the south CP fall once again to Allied hands. The atgs and MSs moved up closer to town. Coldwind next deployed an MS just south east of town. Dryk and two members of the 54th did an excellent job of circling north east and capturing the eastern CP, city CP, and north CP. Those captures played an important role in taking pressure off of the southern CP. Well done Dryk and 54th!

With Dryk and the 54th keeping the east side of town hot, Jaws909, Rook, and Dalzielx were tasked with recapturing the west spawnable CP. It was a difficult job and they all died several times trying to accomplish it. In an effort to support Jaws909’s objective, Nero316 was assigned to circle the west CP with a Sherman. Nero316 did an excellent job and truly mesmerized the Axis defenders in the west CP. With Nero316’s support, Jaws909 team was able to get into the CP. Rook12 made the cap and regained the west spawnable for the Allies. Great job guys!

With all the CPs capped, the combined attention of the two squads next turned to the enemy AB. Jaws909 stayed at the west CP to guard the spawnable and Eurogeek stayed to guard the south spawnable. Everyone else helped push on the AB. The AB was quickly surrounded by chaos, with our forces streaming in to flatten the enemy. With firefights erupting all around the vehicle and infantry spawns, the 23rd joined the fray by dropping a planeload of paras onto the bunker. Members from all three squads saw their chance and rushed the bunker. The Axis forces fought viciously, but were overwhelmed by the courage and determination of the Allied forces.

Approximately two hours after the 75th and 54th had began the assault for Veghel, the town fell under their onslaught. Damn fine job gentlemen, well done!

Thank you all for your unrelenting dedication and determination. In additon, thanks in particular to Gdawg for helping to coordinate the actions of the 54th with the 75th leadership. Veghel was an extremely hard fought victory that taxed us all. More importantly however, it’s a monument to the strength and effectiveness of teamwork, coordination, and dedication. The 75th and 54th demonstrated to the Axis what they’re made of, and it was a demonstration the Axis are unlikely to forget!
75th Guards

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 8:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It truly was an awsome night! The victory was so sweet - they fought hard to defend the town, but we kept pushing and pushing til they were stomped into the ground. Great job all involved.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 7:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lol, I like the fact that it makes me look like I was useful. XD YOU LIE!
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 04, 2008 5:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dryk wrote:
Lol, I like the fact that it makes me look like I was useful. XD YOU LIE!

You have improved greatly, Dryk! I also enjoy that you give out information on TS Army style! S!

I am glad you joined The 75th Guards - Smile
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