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11/16/07 OIC Coldwind

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Squad C.O. / Site Admin

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 17, 2007 4:31 pm    Post subject: 11/16/07 OIC Coldwind Reply with quote

As the 75th gathered for our squad night, our members began grouping in Sedan. When the 75th spawned into Sedan, the entire eastern side of town had been capped with the exception of the eastern AB. The 75th defended Sedan valiantly, pushing back 2 paratrooper attacks with 10+ paras each. Eurogeek killed several paras while guarding the bunker. With some members giving armor support and others working on foot, the 75th next capped both of the enemy spawnables, retook the other cps, and ultimately liberated the town. Well done gents!

The squad then relocated to Evrange. The town had recently been AO’d and both EWS had come up. As Dalzielx drove out the MS, he came under fire. The infantry EWS then increased to heavy. Enemy infantry were then spotted advancing on the northern CP, which was the Axis spawnable.

Dalzielx set up an MS to the west of the enemy FB. With the UMS established, the 75th divided into two separate teams. Nero316, Dalzielx, and Kew attacked the FB, while Coldwind, Eurogeek, and Moffit remained in town to guard the spawnable CP and the bunker.

Coldwind held the spawnable cp for several minutes against repeated attacks. Eurogeek also fought valiantly to clear the AB bunker, which had been infiltrated. After several attempts, Eurogeek got into the AB bunker and killed the enemy infantry inside, which had been waiting for the radio to go hot.

At that time, the northern spawnable came under attack from HE 88 fire, a panzer 4D, and several enemy infantry. Both the infantry and armor EWS went heavy. The 75th in town informed the 75th out at the enemy FB that the situation was becoming dire. The three 75th members at the FB made their attack on the tents and vehicle spawn. Four charges were placed on the vehicle spawn and seven charges were placed on the infantry tents.

All of Evrange had turned Axis, save the AB. Nero and Dalzielx were called back to town to help with the defense. Dalzielx made several attempts to recap the enemy spawnable, getting to the tables numerous times. Enemy infantry, supported by tanks ant atgs were quickly overwhelming the town. The 75th all focused on recapping the enemy spawnable, except for Moffit who made great efforts to recap the southern cps and Kew who still remained at the enemy’s FB.

When the situation was at its worst, Kew managed to sneak the few hundred meters past the enemy FB’s defenders and place the last charge on the infantry tents. The enemy FB was blown, and with it the enemy’s supply in town was cut. The 75th rallied and retook the spawnable, and then the remaining CPs. The Axis attack was completely halted.

Well done Kew and the rest of the 75th Guards!

LONGWY – LUXEMBOURG FB (1 hour and 20 minute engagement)
After Evrange, some of our members had to log. With only a few of us left, we decided to search for action at an FB. The 75th obtained intelligence indicating there was an enemy unit at the Longwy- Luxembourg FB. There were only 15 sappers in supply at Longwy, but the 75th decided even if supplies were small, it would still be fun to simply engage the enemy unit.

Eurogeek set out to deploy an MS while the rest of the squad remained back in Evrange. Once Geek had set up his mobile, four of us spawned in to start assaulting the FB. We immediately ran into resistance as Eurogeek was shot from behind (leave it to those dishonorable Axis to shoot a man in the back Smile ), but luckily the 75th were watching their spreading so Eurogeek was quickly avenged by Coldwind who was trailing him by 100m.

Another MS was set up to the west of the FB, which provided a much better approached compared to the south east. The terrain around the FB favored the defenders, with a steeply sloped hill overlooking the FB. The 75th sent five of their six guys in with sappers, while Kew flew a blen over the FB to provide air support.

Nero316 was able to sneak through the enemy perimeter and place three charges on the vehicle spawn before going down. Soon thereafter the 15 sappers were used up, but the 75th decided to stay and continue engaging the unit for pure fun.

At that time Kew left the air and took out a Matilda, Coldwind replaced him as the guy in the sky to provide air support. Several 88s and flaks were gunned downed by Coldwind’s hawk. The bush lines around the FB were also illuminated by airborne machinegun fire, resulting in several kills Smile As a parting gift, Coldwind returned in a DB7 to “give” the enemy unit several 250 lb bombs, resulting in more 88 and flak kills.

Kew next brought a Matilda to the FB and decided to spin in circles near the infantry tents. The enemy infantry managed to sap Kew, but never in the right place. Kew continued to drive around the FB as a distraction. The rest of the 75th lined up in the bush lines and repeatedly shot the enemy sappers and ATR which were continuously spawning in an attempt to kill Kew Smile Several kills were made because of Kew’s willingness to drive around in circles, great job Kew! Kudos must also be given to Nero and Sheckler for mowing down the numerous ATRs and sappers that attempted to kill Kew. Great teamwork 75th!

Nero and I tallied (tally listed below) up the kills/deaths and were more then pleased with the results. The 75th accounted for 40 kills at the FB, while the defenders only registered 35 kills. You should all be proud of yourselves. You attacked a force that had superior numbers, an elevated position, and was on the defense. Even so, you still killed more of them than they did of you. Way to dish it out 75th!

Well done gents, very well done.

coldwind 7-2 3.5
nero316 11-6 1.83
kew 4-4 1 (Not counting all the guys kew ran over, lol)
moffit35 1-7 0.14
sheckler 11-8 1.38
eurogeek 6-8 0.75

40-35 1.14 Nice job gents!
75th Guards

Last edited by coldwind on Mon Nov 19, 2007 7:53 pm; edited 1 time in total
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2007 12:49 am    Post subject: Correction Reply with quote

Actually Coldwind I was spinning around in my tank. I got hit when I peaked over the hill and lost my gunner on the first shot. That's when I decided to try a trick out that I had always wanted to do. SO I backed up and drove down to the FB and stopped between the VEH and INF and put myself into a spin.... I bet I was irritating the hell out of whoever was in that FB. After a while all the EI were ignoring me. saw them running by me and so forth. There must have been one person I was pissing off big time because a sapper kept trying to kill me. Yet my spinning just kept killing him.. after a while he just stood there firing his gun at me in frustration........
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Squad C.O. / Site Admin

Joined: 09 Nov 2007
Posts: 322
Location: New Orleans, LA

PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2007 7:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Alright kew, I edited the AAR to make you happy. Let me know if anything else erks you, lol Smile
75th Guards
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