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03/07/08 Damvillers - Spincourt area OIC Coldwind

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 13, 2008 4:24 pm    Post subject: 03/07/08 Damvillers - Spincourt area OIC Coldwind Reply with quote

Damvillers – Spincourt area

On the evening of March 7th, 2008, the 75th began forming up. Spincourt had been AO’d by HC, but little action was occurring around the town. It was decided that the 75th would attack the Damvillers – Spincourt FB which was Axis. After quickly busting the FB, the Guards set out to attack Spincourt.

The attack on Spincourt itself was an extremely difficult. The Axis airfield at Etain created tremendous problems. Axis aircraft, specifically Ju87s were able to make back and forth trips in about five minutes. This resulted in heavy casualties. Nonetheless, elements of the 75th were able to get an MS deployed. Dalzielx was the first to cap a CP in town, which led to a slugfest the likes of which had not been seen in a long time.

Subsequently however, a 911 call was issued to help defend in the northern part of the map. As a result, the 75th abandoned Spincourt to assist their comrades in Griendtsveen. After the situation in Griendtsveen had settled however, the 75th again returned to Spincourt.

In our absence, the northern spawnable CP connected to Longuyon had been captured. The 75th quickly flooded out from the spawnable and capped the remaining CPs. Soon, the enemy AB was all that was left in town.

A vicious fight then ensued. Supplies were running low and it became necessary to switch to the French brigade’s supply out of Damvillers. Unfortunately, the Damvillers – Spincourt FB had been blown back Axis by enemy forces. At that time, the majority of the 75th was turned over to the command of Jaws909 who continued the assault on Spincourt. (I will allow Jaws909 to describe the heroic events that followed during the assault as he was in command).

With the desire to leave a large force in Spincourt to maintain pressure upon the Axis, it was decided that only Nero316 and Coldwind would go for the Damvillers – Spincourt FB. The ensuing battle that erupted at the FB was both hilarious and victorious. (As Nero316 planned and executed the FB assault, I will allow him to describe it)

In the end, Spincourt was not taken. However, the 75th’s assault on Spincourt created one of the most memorable battles in recent history. Several HC officers commented on the fun and scale of the battle. In addition, several players commented on the battle and its splendor in the CRS forums.

We did not take the town, but that’s ok. More importantly, we had a hell of a good time fighting for it and so did the many participants of the battle.
75th Guards
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Squad X.X.O. / Admin

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 13, 2008 5:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

As for the Spincourt battle, when I was in command...a big S! guys.

Eurogeek did a fine job keeping the Axis flankers out of the W CPs, recapping/defending the city CP and Etain depot several times on his own, and later with the help of Moffit and Dvil...

Rook12 killed off an MS to the NE of town that, if left unchecked, could have killed our attack. EI from that MS were the only ones to make a real push on the N spawnable while I was holding it...and I know he killed the MS(Opel) and at least 1 half-track, as well as multi EI...

Everyone did a fine job keep the Axis for regaining ground....I only had one EI that made it to the N spawnable...and other then that didn't have to shoot much (except of course a Stuka that landed outside the CP Razz )

Even when we were down to rifles...you guys managed to keep the enemy in check...

I credit my lack of targets to the fine job you guys did...S!
X.X.O. (Retired)
75th Guards
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