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07/18/08 75th Guards' Operations

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 23, 2008 4:18 pm    Post subject: 07/18/08 75th Guards' Operations Reply with quote

Catillion Defense

On Squad night, Friday the 18th of July, squad operations began in the town of Catillon. Heavy enemy forces had advanced upon the town, capturing several CPs. As if that weren't enough, Axis forces began using armor to supplement their attack. At the time, only a few members of the 75th were online. As the battle raged on however, more and more members longged online.

With the additional squadmates logging on, our reinforced position was able to recapture the Axis controlled CPs in town. Furthermore, the forces of the 75th, supplmented by Allied units, were able to push outward from the city. Rook12 and Eurogeek each destroyed several enemy mobile spawn units. Once an outer perimeter had been established, the Axis soon realized they could not get an MS close enough to town to continue the attack. This was thanks in large part to Eurogeek and his willingness to scout out from town, during which, he both spotted and thwarted several additional attempts by the Axis to set up MSs.

Aarschot Attack

With the Axis attack on Catillion diffused, the 75th were relocated to Aarschot, where an intense battle was occurring. The Axis owned Aarschot, and the Krauts wanted to keep it that way. Unfortunately for them, not only were the Allies pushing the town, but the 75th was among those elements leading the way.

Once the spawnable in town was captured, elements of the 75th quickly posted a mission. On spawn in, the squad was met by chaos. The fighting was CP to CP, in the windows, in the streets, and in the fields around town. Goals were quickly prioritized, with the majority of the 75th assigned to assault the bunker, while a small contingent of members were ordered to take the remaining Axis CPs. Soon thereafter, the remaining Axis CPs were subdued. This left the Army Base as the last pocket of resistance in town.

The squad reformed with the intention of pushing on the AB, and what a push it was! The fight for the AB was fierce. Everyone fell to the flying bullets. Undeterred, the 75th continued to push on the AB. Eventually, support arrived in the form of Allied armor, which began suppressing the Axis barracks (but only have numerous Axis soldiers tasted the fire of the 75th's rifles). With the additional support the armor provided, the 75th, along with friendly Allied units was able to infiltrate and assist in the capture of the bunker. Well done gentlemen.

La Fere Defense

With Aarschot now Allied, the 75th turned towards the troubled town of La Fere. With all the action occurring in the center of the map, the Axis had launched a sneak attack on La Fere. La Fere sat on the far southern flank of the Allied forces. Were La Fere to fall, it would create a hole in the southern line that the Axis could have exploited to the great disadvantage of the Allies.

The 75th immediately spawned into to town. As they left their barracks, members of the 75th saw the shoots of Axis paratroopers overhead. Quickly, one after another, CPs fell to the hands of the Huns. Undeterred, the 75th moved out with orders to recapture the town and restore order.

At the same time, Nero316 valiantly volunteered to drive an MS out to the enemy FB. Nero316's truck was intercepted several times, making it clear that not only was the town under attack by an airborne brigade, but that there were also enemy ground units involved. With the stubbornness of a bull and the guile of a cougar, Nero316 was able to sneak a truck out after several attempts and set up for the FB bust.

With the MS deployed, the majority of the 75th switched over to Nero316 mission. Satchels were the weapon of choice. As the squad sneaked closer and closer to the FB, they came under heavy fire from both enemy 232s and Flak 28s. Unfortunately, neither of these weapon platforms phased Nero316, who managed to get charges on the FB not once, but twice! Friendly forces were also able to get charges onto the enemy FB.

With their FB almost destroyed (Inf DOWN, Veh 75%), the Axis attack stalled. Enemy forces were forced to redeploy their manpower to the defense of their FB. This allowed the remaining friendly elements in town (plus Rook12 and Eurogeek) to sweep the area and recapture the remaining Axis CPs. With their momentum broken, the Axis whittled away pieces of armor against La Fere for several more hours, but they were never again able to pose a serious threat.

With La Fere secured, squad night was called to an end. Well done gentlemen, you served the Allies well!
75th Guards
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