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04/25/08 Elsloo - Sittard FB OIC Coldwind

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 26, 2008 5:04 pm    Post subject: 04/25/08 Elsloo - Sittard FB OIC Coldwind Reply with quote

Elsloo – Sittard FB Takedown

April 25, 2008 saw the 75th triumph against incredible odds at the Elsloo – Sittard FB.

Participants: Coldwind, Nero316, Rook12, Dalzielx, Taeli56, Alcxam, Mikedown, Hawker14, Dryk, Dvil, Nile, Eurogeek, Coldcrab, Hypoid, Fletsnaz

On the evening of the 25th, the 75th formed up and then immediately sought out trouble. Various towns, FBs, defenses, and assaults were joined and left, without a satisfying fight having been found. Soon however, GHC put out a call asking for the Axis player base to ensure that all of the FBs in the northern region of the map were Axis. As things were, the Allies owned the FB between Elsloo and Sittard, and the Allies had recently AO’d the Axis town of Sittard.

An MS had already been set up by two friendly forces. The 75th quickly gathered some satchel charges and spawned in. The approach towards the FB was difficult and guarded. Several EI and an enemy Vickers constantly harassed our approaching troops. Even with the resistance, our forces got close enough to put several charges on. Soon the infantry tents were down, with only the vehicle tent remaining. Nero316 managed to get his charges onto the vehicle, bringing it to its knees. Unfortunately, the vehicle and infantry tents had regenerated to 99%, 99%. The mockery of the entire situation gave us all a good laugh. Luckily, Eurogeek was able to follow in Nero’s footsteps, sneak in close enough to one of the tents, and place one single charge before being shot. That one charge however was all it took, and with that one charge the FB was destroyed!

Elsloo – Sittard FB Defense

With their FB destroyed, the Allies attack on Sittard was abruptly halted. Looking at the map however made it earnestly clear that the Allies would be coming back to try and retake the FB. Sittard had only one Axis brigade to defend with. The Allies by contrast had placed two brigades into Elsloo and a third brigade north of Sittard in Maaseik. All in all, the Allies had positioned three of their brigades to attack our one brigade in Sittard. A crucial part of the Allied plan was to be able to use the supplies of the two reinforcing brigades out of Elsloo, hence, they come for the Elsloo – Sittard FB quite insistently Smile

While preparing their defense, the 75th displayed excellent teamwork, especially in coordination of the placement of anti-air assets. Dalzielx in particular did an outstanding job of towing flak 28s away from the vehicle spawn. Because of Dalzielx’s efforts, the 75th anti-air assets were spread out and thus not vulnerable to a massive wipe from one bomb. In addition, Dvil also contributed greatly to the team effort, both towing his fellow squad mates and resupplying those guns that needed more ammunition. Both of them did an outstanding job.

Their efforts and the efforts of the squad quickly paid off. With the flak traps set up, Coldcrab began circling overhead in an effort to lure enemy aircraft down towards our guns. Within minutes, Coldcrab brought a swarm consisting of 2 hurricanes and 1 spit directly over the FB. In a show of excellent marksmanship, all three enemy aircraft were downed in less than thirty seconds. Amazing gunnery gentlemen, along with some amazing flying from Coldcrab, who only suffered a fuel leak!

With their usual air support cut short, the Allies resorted to armor to try to bust our FB. Unfortunately for them, this tactic had been anticipated. As several matildas began to pull up to the FB, Nero316, Rook12, Dalzielx, and Coldwind were waiting with 88s and pak 38s. An intense firefight ensued, which resulted in three burning enemy hulks. Special kudos to Nero and Dalzielx for their excellent gunnery which saved us from several such attempts by the Allies.

As great as everyone’s gunnery was, it would have been far more difficult if it had not been for the numerous warnings Mikedown provided. Mikedown went out as an infantryman and positioned himself to our southwest. His position allowed him to spot the incoming armor every time. Through his warnings, the 75th had several minutes of notice each time an enemy tank approached. This intelligence, more then anything else allowed us to get set up each time to deal with the incoming hostiles. Awesome job Mikedown, your intel made a huge difference in our defense! The 75th held like that for several hours, killing enemy tanks, infantry, and aircraft with ease, teamwork, and coordination.

As the hour became late however, several members had to log. This invariably weakened our defense, but the 75th held on like cornered lions. With far fewer flak 28s set up, the Allies gained superiority of the skies above us and the bombs began to fall. The situation quickly became desperate as the bombers eliminated all of our effective anti-tank assets. In a show of desperation, Rook12 took out a pak36 and scored upwards of thirty direct hits on a Churchill, but the small atg’s caliber just wasn’t enough to knock it out. At this time, the Allies also moved another fresh brigade into Elsloo, which gave them a fresh spawnlist of armor. Thankfully, GHC moved a fresh brigade into Sittard, but its supply would only be trickling in. In an effort to deal with the tanks, the remaining five members of the 75th boarded a plane out of Monchen AF to drop relief sappers behind the enemy ETs. Unfortunately, they were all shot down before they reached the target.

Where others may have been deterred, the 75th pushed on. Rook12 suggested preparing an FB flip, which was agreed to be the best course of action. By this time, there were 9 sappers that had trickled into the freshly rotated brigade in Sittard. Hypoid, being below sapper rank volunteered to drive the truck. Everyone else grabbed a sapper and hopped on. While in route to the FB, the Allies managed to bust the Axis FB. Since the 75th was only half a kilometer from the Allied FB, Hypoid was told to lay on the gas and park right in between the tents. The truck arrived seconds later, the 75th dismounted and ran to their targets.

All of the charges were on and had blown before the first enemy infantrymen had spawned Smile

With the destruction of the Allied FB, the 75th spawned at the Axis FB and set up a new defense. Within minutes, AHC had pulled the AO on Sittard.

Well goddamned done gentlemen!
75th Guards
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 26, 2008 5:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

THat's some friggin awesome work guys!
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 26, 2008 10:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

that was one of the most fun times ive had yet in game, great job!

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 29, 2008 4:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yeah it got absolutely crazy there for a min, with nothing to take out the ET's.

However our quick decision making and subsequent action to flip the FB immediately finally took the heart out of the Axis attack.

Awesome fun!!

It's not so much that we're "Good"...We're just plain "Crazy"!

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