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03/14/08 FB Busts and Spawnable Sweeps OIC Jaws909

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 15, 2008 9:33 pm    Post subject: 03/14/08 FB Busts and Spawnable Sweeps OIC Jaws909 Reply with quote

Busting the Veghel-Boxtel FB:

The 75th began to group up around 8pm EST, and despite low numbers at first, immediately set to work. First target for the evening, the Veghel-Boxtel FB. Coldwind volunteered to drive a laffly out, and set up an MS from which we set out to hit the FB. While the initial assault was succesful, taking the VEH spawn down, the Germans soon mounted a resistance with rifles and LMGs. During the fight, a suprising number of blue-tags joined, bolstering our the 75ths numbers and allowing us to overrun the defense before the Germans could mount an effective defense.

The Marche-Hampteau FB fights:

Following the success, the 75th moved the Marche area, which was under pressure from German forces operating out of the Hampteau FB. Hampteau-Marche FB thus became the next target. Dalzielx and Coldwind both brought out MSs to what was soon determined to be a well defended FB. The Germans mounted a heavy resistance here, throwing back multiple attempts to get at the FB tents. Nero316 managed to sneak around the FB from the north, and seriously damaged the VEH spawn before the enemy could stop him. Meanwhile, Pvtmaloo drove a Stuart tank up from Marche to provide some heavy fire support, and succesfully killed 4 tanks (2 pzIIc, 1 pz4d and 1 StugG) as well as two opels. German resistance countinued however, even with the redeployment of MSs to different flanks, it was a tough fight.

Eventually, it was decided to try a precision para-drop, something which had worked in the past, directly onto the FB to suprise the enemy. While Eurogeek and Hawker14 remained on the ground to keep the enemy's attention, the rest of the 75th loaded up on a C47, piloted by Coldwind, who dodged BF-110s to deliver our troops. With some fancy "flying", Lextyr, Nero316 and Jaws909 all succesfully reached their targets, dropping their charges, and taking down the FB.

With the enemy FB destroyed, the 75th turned to guarding their newly won prize. However, the Germans were already making their counter-attack when the first defenders spawned in at the Marche-Hampteau FB. After fighting off an initial assault, with the VEH spawn taking heavy damage, a perimeter was set up to try and hold the FB against further attacks. However, the Germans quickly moved air and armor into the area, and began to pin down the brave defenders. The 75th put up a fight however, and the Germans were forced to bring their armor right up to the FB in order to finally get their sappers safely to the INF tents...ending the brave, but unsucessful fight...

Spawnable Sweeps:

Undetered, however, the 75th quickly shifted from FB work to town liberations. A number of towns were under assault by the Germans, and the 75th took on the role of spawnable-recappers, quickly setting up in Herbeumont and sweeping the Germans out of the town within minutes. This was only the first stop, and a few minutes later, the 75th was driving the last of the Germans from Grandpre, stopping a 2nd attack cold.

Then, word came from HC that Achel, home of a DivHQ, was in trouble. The 75th Guards rushed to the scene, setting up a team and pressing for the enemy spawnable. The furious fight lasted for all of 10 minutes once the 75th arrived, with the spawnable quickly and proffessionally being recapped and secured, saving the DivHQ from being routed.

One last FB:

Following this string of quick victories, the 75th set out for their final "official" task of the evening, the destruction of the Maasiek-Peer FB. Coldwind set up a spawnable, and the 75th moved in. They were suprised to find the FB undefended, since an AO had been placed on Peer just prior to their arrival. Since it is best to not let your enemy realize his mistakes, the 75th quickly destroyed the FB before the Germans could realize their folly, and within a few minutes they had pulled their AO altogether.

Afterwards, with many members logging off for the night, Jaws909 returned command to Coldwind and Nero316, who may or may not have comments they wish to add...

*I would also like to take a moment to thank everyone for their excellent work, and patience as I adjust to OIC work...S!*
X.X.O. (Retired)
75th Guards
"I just can't stop thinking about how scarey it would be if a flaming homeless guy came running out of the dark right now..."
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 16, 2008 5:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It was a good squad night and Jaws909 did a great job leading it.

Props to Lex for his promotion to E2!
75th Guards
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